17 August 2023

Congratulations! Nine prizes in our most successful Great Taste Awards edition

Oceanpath / Dunn’s of Dublin, the Iceland Seafood company in Ireland, has a long tradition of participating in the Great Taste Awards. 

The "Great Taste Awards" is a prestigious and internationally recognised food and drink competition that celebrates excellence in the culinary world.

It is organised by the Guild of Fine Food, a British trade association that promotes and supports artisan and speciality food and drink producers.


Awarded products in 2023

In this edition, Oceanpath / Dunn’s of Dublin has won 9 awards, including:

Nolan’s Smoked Salmon Pate **

SuperValu Smoked Salmon Ribbons **

SuperValu Wild Prawns with Garlic Butter *

SuperValu Peppered Mackerel *

SuperValu Applewood Organic Smocked Salmon *

SuperValu Standard Smoked Salmon *

SuperValu Organic Smoked Salmon *

SuperValu Salmon Sensation *

Aldi Organic Smoked Salmon *

The Great Taste Awards

The Great Taste Awards were established in 1994 by Bob Farrand, the founder of the Guild of Fine Food. The competition was born out of a desire to recognise and reward exceptional quality and flavour in food and beverages, regardless of their size, origin, or brand reputation. The aim was to provide a platform for smaller artisan producers to showcase their products and receive their deserved recognition.

Over the years, the awards gained significant credibility and influence in the food and drink industry. The judging process is rigorous and impartial, involving expert judges who blind-taste each product and provide detailed feedback based on their sensory experience. The judges include chefs, food critics, restaurateurs, retailers, and other industry professionals who evaluate the products based on taste, texture, aroma, and overall appeal.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about the 2023 edition, including participant numbers, winners, and other relevant info, visit: https://gff.co.uk/awards/great-taste-awards

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